My first and Last Love…

I guess at the end of the day there will be nothing thats going to keep me apart from my first and last love.

I fell in Love when first when I was 4 years old, and I guess I will love then forever. People think of them as pests but those who know pigeons, know how beauiful and peaceful they can be. I wake up now and the first thing I do in the morning is visit my pigeons and soon as works finished I can’t wait to get out and get home to see them.. and the nights is spent in making plans for them, thinking how to train, breed, house them, etc….

Last weekend I travelled to Loughborough bought myself a pair of breeding Iranian High Flyers and one of its young. I was going to stick to my life long breed the Birmingham Roller but seeing the pictures of the Persian High Flyer online intrigued me and they have the 2 characteristics I always loved in a pigeon, the crest on its head and the ability to tumble in the air. (perform sommersaults). And because they are highflyers they can fly in the air all day upto 12 hours and more I have read.

The pair laid its first egg the day after I bought them but I don’t think they will incubate it just yet, too soon they need to settle in to their new surrounding.   I don’t aim to keep many of them just a few bit the thing about pigeons is its in my blood, my brain, my heart.. I’m afraid to say I Love Pigeons.
Anywyas here is a pic of my female hen
iranian high flyer
I don’t think I’ll be blogging much anymore but it anyone wants to be kept informed about my new hobby please do let me know.

Ma salams,..


4 responses to this post.

  1. YOu have been quiet for a long time, Bro Maj.

    Interesting hobby you have!


  2. yes i know how are you and do please keep in touch. Hope alls well on your side.

    ma salams


  3. as salam aleykoum


  4. She is nice isn’t she. Mashallah


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