An Easy Way to Peace.

As wr wb,

I was talking and thinking to someone today about zikr etc and had this thought that Jannah (heaven) is a place of Peace. Everyone entering  Jannah will be wished peace by the angels.

This got me to remember that the gatherings where Allah is remembered are likened to the gardens of Jannah. If we ever sit in one of these gatherings where Allah is remembered we will even notice that for that time our worries etc will be lifted and we will feel at peace.

This then got me to think that if we remember Allah in our hearts always then our heart becomes like a garden of jannah and a place of peace.  Allah says in His holy Book: “O Believers, make abundant mention of ALLAH!” (33:41) And He mentions of His servants “Those who remember their Lord standing, and sitting, and lying on their sides” (3:191).  A’isha said, as narrated by Muslim, that the Prophet mentioned/remembered Allah at all times of the day and night.

And Indeed Allah tells us in the Quran that:

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest/peace!” (13:28).

May Allah enable us to get into the habit where we do dhikr of Allah continuously.

Inshallah we can start by sitting down after fazr and asar and making some dhikr of Allah  for example making tasbeeh of  “Subahanallah, Alhumudlulillah Allahuakbar”  and some Durood such as “Allahuma salli ala Muhammad”.

And whilst we do our work during the day we can try to do dhikr in our hearts and we can supplicate to Allah that he makes our heart such that it is always engrossed in the remembrance of Allah.


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