‘temporary’ life in this world

As wr Wb,

I was reading throught the comments people had left me on my blog and I came accross this one I think I must have missed it when it was left, But I really found it full of lesson. Thought I’d share it.

Salaam all..I definitely learn new things almost everyday. Most recent is to realise that ‘damages’ or ‘accidents’ can happen in a split second and without you anticipating it to happen. One simple example, you can appreciate and love a favourite mug and use it every morning for breakfast and take it for granted and suddenly 1 morning it just slipped from your fingers and shattered into tiny pieces. I personally think we can apply this to a bigger scale where the almighty can just destroy anything in this world as commanded, in a split second. We are nothing but powerless weaklings and should always appreciate and be thankful for all the good things in life, before they are taken away from us, including our ‘temporary’ life in this world ;)


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