Separation is a certainty.

If someone stops loving you don’t be sad; It  just remnds you love that One who’s love has no ending.

It doesn’t matter who you love or are attached to in this life separation is a certainty.

Only Allahs love is for guaranteed for an eternity.

I read something earlier a person kept following a sheikh and everytime the sheikh turned back to look the person was crying, He asked him what makes you cry. He said my Love for you makes me cry. The sheikh told him I have many admirers like you but how many people can I keep up with? Its better for you to Love that One who can pay close  attention to  each persons love .. i.e. Allah.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Never thought about it in such a way!


  2. In the end doesn’t matter who you love or how deeply, if life doesn’t separate them, Death will.

    I read also about true Love today that its not about possessing or being obsessed with someone. But more that True Love is something thats within us, we find it in ourselves in the way we love others. Thats what gives peace.


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