Subhanallah @ Gods Wonders.

salams was reading this blg earlier from a wife whos husbands lost her job so shes obvioulsy really worried especially in the current economic climate.

so as an assurance I found the Quranic aya for her to Inshallah help build some resistance to her stress

“There is no creature on Earth except that its sustenance is upon God. He knows its habitation and its repository. All is in a clear Record.” [Sûrah Hûd: 6].

Basically all of us come to the world with our provisions written for us and Allah has taken it upon himself to make it reach us.. The it made me think about a baby and a mother. Isn’t it wonderous how Allah puts the mothers milk in what  is the most perfect part of her body. A position whic is both comfortable for mother and child. And the food is exactly the perfect nourishment the child needs at that time.  And Allah prepares the body even before the child’s born and so the plans for us go on during our lives. We just have to Trust in God..

Subhanallah @ Gods Wonders.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Very true, but one thing us humans are not good with is relying completely on Allah and to know that He will provide for us whatever it is that we need.


  2. God treats us according to our expectation of Him Thus we do relly need to build up our conviction in Allahs promises and True trust in Allah.


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