Something that happened the other day.

As wr wb,

Hope your well, Inshallah.

Just want to mention an incident from the other. I was at home (couldn’t go to work due to a car breakdown) well anywyas I was in the masjid and group of dawaah workers were there. (tabligh Jamaat workers). Well anyway after the fard of Zohar one of them came upto me. I recognised him as someone I had spent time with in Scotland, it had been his first time and he spent about ten days with us, we were in glasgow, Sterling etc.  This was back in 1993 or 1994. Well anyways he came up to me shook my hand etc.. and he said  ” I have a lot to thank you for, If you hadn’t have made effort on me during those days Id have not made this progress.”  So I said to  him not really me bro but we have to thank Allah. I guess it was his yearning that put us together for those few days and I guess Allah may have used me to benefit him but it was his own yearning that brought him out made him want to learn etc.  But at the same time I thought to myself we should never underestimate the value of our efforts and we should Thank Allah for them coz we never know when they might have affected someone and helped them to make a better life. Allah knows best, May He fill us with sincerity in our actions.

Anyways I was tinking to myself Mashallah he has kept going with the dawah work, whilst I have taken a back seat.. it should have been the other way round. May Allah accept me too and helpe me to get back involved in that work / effort.


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