Love Can’t be Destroyed.

Just had a thought, something I suppose I have learnt which is that Love can not be destroyed. It Can be lost It can be found, it can fade, it can grow, it can mature, it can drive you crazy, a lot can happen to it..but one thing you can’t do is destroy love.  You can even llose it but cant destroy it. The emotion can be replaced but only when and how God wills it to be.
Dumb yeah? well just don’t worry if your lovesick as only Allah has the cure. But you know some diseases are best left untreated.

A draft post from October.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I think real love never goes away, but it changes form over time. Many things may cause it to change: circumstances, choices, etc.


  2. I wrote something about this subject a while back, let me know your thoughts:


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