Never was there a more Beautiful person to ever walk on this earth,

Never was there a more Beautiful person to ever walk on this earth,

God Loved you so much He took you to the heavens.

His Love for you was so much He gave you the final message,

In your example was the most beautiful example,

the pathway to follow to take us to God and heaven.

Your mercy was so great, you took mercy on the ones who stoned you, when you could have crushed them between the mountains,

You had mercy on the unborn child and the adulterting mother ( May Allah be pleased with them).

Your power was such that just with the beckoning of your finger the moon split in two.

The trees and the rocks sent salaams to you.

The tree even cried for you.

Your love was so great the companions (May Allah be pleased with them) wanted to drink your blood, anything that displeased you displeased them.

You were a leader, a warrior,

the sheikh of all the sheikhs.

The teacher of all the teachers,

The imam of all the prophets, they offered thier prayer behind you.

You prayed day and night for our forgiveness,

You had mercy on the young, the old, the traveller and the ones who had lost their way.

You taught Love, You taugt peace, You taught obediance.

You were beautiful with your wives,

You were just with all.

Never was there anyone more beautiful than you to walk the earth.

Never will there be anyone more beautiful than you. O Beloved Prophet.

May Allah send our infinite peace and salaams upon you.

May Allah in hs grace bring this message of ours to you.

We are your ummatis in need of your intecession.

Allhum salli ala Muhammad, wa ala Alihi Muhammad.


One response to this post.

  1. Assalamu alaykum,

    Ma’shallah, a great and beautiful poem



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