comment inspired by words of Sis Solace

just remember what an elder used to say ” Meet jaow, chamak jaow” means like destroy yourself and you’ll be shiny… Now sometimes Allah may even put us thru trials, tough times, emotional, stressful,, but we got to remember just like the black smith puts iron in to the furnace its only coz he knows how to treat it to mould it back in to something useful, purposeful and valuabe.. just like a piece of gold is also melted, boiled, moulded hmmered and then becomes a valuable piece of jewellery or perhaps the example of a piece of carbon, surpressed in the earth for millions of yers then its take n out, its cut, rub and polished but only coz we want it to look beautiful on our fingers.. guess in the same way Allah wants us to shine bright to him.. thus Allah says Never despair of the mercy of Allah…He knows wht we don’t know, what we gain through trials sometimes is more thn we could gain from just obediance.. there is cures of the heart in it. Ma salams thanks for your comment helps me to write this..

fi amanillah


2 responses to this post.

  1. Assalamu alaykum,

    Ma’shallah, a great article



  2. It is entirely my pleasure, Brother Maj. Your writing is extremely inspiring to me and often leaves with some food for thought. Keep it going!


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