Is there anything greater than Love?

I ask that question I don’t know the answer but all I know is I guess if there was then God the exalted would have asked it for himself. I remember reading a long time ago that God was alone and He wanted to be Loved thus god created Adam, eve etc.

Not sure about you but to Love is such a natural emotion, Loving gives you pleasure, a sense of satisfaction, there is so much love in this world. I think in the Quran there is an ayah which says something like one of the signs of God is the love he creates between a husband and a wife.

As a parent its wonderful when a child shows you love and affection, as a husband or wife its wonderful when your spouse shows you love. Even little things please the heart.  Thus imagine how much Allah must be pleased when He sees his slaves sacrificing their egos and whims to show Love and Obediance to Allah.

if we look at the poets of the past, the spiritual poets, like Rumi, Hafiz, etc their words would not have been spiritually touching unless their heart were filled with Love and Devotion to their Beneficient creator.

This reminds of some of the wonderful supplications taught by the Prophet Peace Be Upon HIm where he asked Allah for His Love and to make it more Beloved to him (pbuh) than even cold refreshing water on a hot summers day. Subhanallah.

This leads me to beg the question can there be any heart more beautiful than one filled with love, admiration and devotion to Allah?

Ps on a more personal note home alone with 4 kids for 2 months, the other halfs gone india for two months Alhumdulillah arrived safely in Bombay and Home on Saturday. her father had died and shes gone to see her mum. was a bit of hard work over the weekend looking after the 4.. I have a bit of a rest today as Im at work and there at school. However helps me appreciate the hard work involved in being a mum and a wife.

Ma salams.

May God fill my heart and yours with His Love. (ameen). This now reminds me of something I read, there are to types of Love intellectual and Love in the heart. It may be perhaps we find it difficult to Love God more than some of our family members friends etc, the feelings of the heart are beyond our control but our Mind should tell us I have to Love them for Allahs sake and I have to put Allah before them. Eg we all love sleeping, our bodies right is we give it rest but when the call for dawn prayer is made we should sacrifice our bed and stand up on time before Allah. We all need money, some of us might have businesses or jobs but when the call for prayer is made we need to stop this and stand up as obedient slaves before Allah, and Allah loves this from us. Subhnallah. it is said about a person he is working in the fields, the time for prayer comes, thus he calls he adhan and stands for prayer. Allah sends the angels to pray with him subhanallah.

It is said about  a person who is constantly in zikrullah, the angels shake hands with him whilst he is on his ways. subhanallah.

May Allah fill our heart with the most beautiful of Loves, love for the Devine, sublime,

reminded of a hadith The are two phrases most loved by Allah, which are easy on the tongue but weighty in reward are: Subhannalhi wabihamdihi Subhanallahil adheem. [Glory be to Allah and His is the praise, (and) Allah, the Greatest is free from imperfection)’.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

When Allah starts to Love a peron he announces to all in the Heavens that He loves him and that you must love him too, thus everyone in the heavens and earth starts to love him too. subhnallah.

Dils (hearts) are in the hands of Allah.

There were people who wanted to slay our Prophet,

But int he end they gave their hearts to the Prophet.


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