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Destiny is a mystery

Destiny is a mystery

know one knows what its going to be,

but for it to be fruitful, be accepting of it, whatever it may be.

Don’t worry about tomorrow,

Its up to God to bring your tomorrow.

Death A Welcome Guest

“You are not created for annihilation and mortality, but you have been created for survival and eternal living, and it is only by death that you are transferred from this lodging to other housing.”

The Prophet Peace be Upon Him.

When Mawlana Jalaladdin-i-Rumi (quddisa sirruh) saw Hadrat Azrail, (Angel of Death) he said, “Come quickly, o my dear, come quickly. Take me to my Allah, quickly!”

Happiness and Misery

In the name of Allah, the Beneficient and Merciful.

Assalamu Alaykum, wr wb.

I thought bout writing a bit about peace and happiness and contentment. All of us no doubt in our lives will face cerain crcumstnces which are pleasing to our nafs (selves) and some which displease our nafs(selves). Some of them will give us joy and feelings of elation. Some circumstances will cause us grief and misery.  Miseries are toughest to handle, but at the same time they make us turn to our Creator more. Times of happiness sometimes can lead us to pride etc as we often forget to thank the giver of these blessings. There is one paticular hadith which I think we should always keep in mind, wherever we are whatever we are doing or experiencing.  The gretest misery occurs when things don’t go accoording to or plan, at that time remind oneself Allah only does good. He knows and we don’t know.  Anyway the hadith I wanted to remind myself of was this:

“Part of the happiness of a son of Adam consists in his pleasure with what Allah has decreed for him, part of the misery of the son of Adam consists in his abandonment of asking Gods blessing and part of the misery of the son of Adam consists in his displeasure with what Allah has decreed for him.”

Let the bitterness go.

Would you rather eat a bitter lemon or a sweet apple?

I guess most people would choose a sweet apple.

So I guess we should as humans let the bitterness go thats inside us, otherwise how would we all love and live together as one? If hearts are to be united we all need love, compassion, understanding. The suffering of one should be felt by all.

I’ve learnt today if we hurt somone it just comes back to haunt us. Try never to hurt anyone. Give every human the respect and honour they always deserve. If you have then ask for forgiveness thats all you can do. If someone asks you to forgive them, then do. Let the bitterness go.

We are as Beautiful as we make ourselves.

We are as Beautiful as we make ourselves.

The Prophet Yusuf.

‘temporary’ life in this world

As wr Wb,

I was reading throught the comments people had left me on my blog and I came accross this one I think I must have missed it when it was left, But I really found it full of lesson. Thought I’d share it.

Salaam all..I definitely learn new things almost everyday. Most recent is to realise that ‘damages’ or ‘accidents’ can happen in a split second and without you anticipating it to happen. One simple example, you can appreciate and love a favourite mug and use it every morning for breakfast and take it for granted and suddenly 1 morning it just slipped from your fingers and shattered into tiny pieces. I personally think we can apply this to a bigger scale where the almighty can just destroy anything in this world as commanded, in a split second. We are nothing but powerless weaklings and should always appreciate and be thankful for all the good things in life, before they are taken away from us, including our ‘temporary’ life in this world ;)