Meaningless Pointless Blog (about Love.)

Salams and good day..

I was just like browsing the net ( i tend to do a lot of that @ work too much free time .. I work in IT) well anyway I came accross this quote it said Love is a Drug.. so I thought to  myself what can I say in response to this..well.. lol this is what I came up with…

if Love is a Drug,

then you’re cocaine. told u it was a pointless blog.. but its funny how the world “love” evokes so many emotions within us.


5 responses to this post.

  1. There is an old song from the 80’s that goes “Love is a drug and I need a fix.”
    Haha, it may be that love is so ingrained in our nature that we cannot do without it, even if it only love of a pet. The Sufis believe that Allah is Love, and that all love is a reflection of the love He has for us. Inshallah, we will return to that love in the end.

    Ya Haqq!


  2. It is because love is what we all desire on a daily basis: acceptance, understanding.


  3. This could be interpreted in many different ways… In simplicity we find the purest of points… this is quite a beautiful compliment… out of context of course


  4. Assalamu alaykum,

    Who’s blog are you talking about bro?



  5. Came across this phrase years ago. Though then, the meaning wasn’t as prolific. 🙂 Love can be addictive or create some self-made indulgent hallucinations to some … guess that explains the whole drug connection. For sure, every other person would have their own interpretation of what love truly is … no matter how incredible it may be.


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