Seem to be in poetical musical moods nowadays..

Seem to be in poetical musical moods nowadays.. guess i must be settling back down to my usual self.

Theres something about solitude and being alone without distraction that attaches us back to God.

Anywyas i read someones blog and I replied this I thought Id share it.. dumb but might help someone somewhere..


As Beautiful a rainbow maybe one moment it disappears.

We are left looking in to the sky wondering where it has gone.

This is the reallity of this worlds temporal beauty.

its momentary, temporary..

Love, attach, yearn for that which will Last.

Don’t chase the rainbow, let the rainbow chase you.


4 responses to this post.

  1. That is sooo beautiful:-) Thanks for sharing!


  2. Your welcome


  3. so nice u should write more…


  4. @ sakina.. inshallah with time and moods.. @ sakina..


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