Inspirational story:

As Wr Wb

Just heard a bit of a true life story first hand from one of my colleagues. He is from Bosnia and he looked more stressed and down than usual. I asked him if he was okay etc and he replied yes just things on the mind, etc. I told him in your free time try and get to the masjid he said yes he was a firm believer in God (Allah) and it was this that had helped him through his difficulties previously. He had been a soldier in the Bosnian war and had been badly injured and had lost hope of life. He had been counting down the days to his death. He said one day he was sat in his garden in pain but wit his trust and faith in God intact and he then received some visitors who told him he was being flown to the UK on Monday to receive treatment.  This treatment helped save his life  and he is thankful to Allah (God) for helping him get better and start a new life. He even mentioned that the scenes and atrocities he witnesses still play on his mind but after reading the Quran about the life and trials of life it helps him to come to terms and accept what has been fated. But at the same time some of his friends who did not have much fate had taken their own lives as they found it very difficult to accept the trauma. Thus it goes to prove the word of God is  a healing for all ailments and faith and trust in God as well as heartily accepting Gods decree whether good or bad, together with patience, God willing will help us to over come all troubles  in our life.

Ma salaams


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