Assalamu alaikum

..been reading this book lately, its in urdu by Movlana Ashraf Ali thanvi entitled ” Islahun nisa” reform of the woman.. basically its very nice. Very informative instructs how a man should deal with wives, sisters etc.

One thing I read this morning which was more of an instruction to women was about how they should talk to men if at all they should. One point was only to talk when it truly necessitates. Another point was and this was referenced with a Quranic Ayah where Allah was speaking t o the wives of the Prophet Peace be upon HIm, who are the example for the rest of us that the tone of the woman should not be sweet, soft  and alluring but rather harsh and strong so that a disease is not created in the mans heard. This because if a sweet soft tone is used and remembering mans nature is one of desiring wanting (greedy) the man will start to desire the woman in his heart. It might not lead to anything but he may even fascinate about the woman inside his head. Also advice was given to the husbands and they should have “gheerah” and not to let their wives or sisters daughters etc intermingle freely with men.

Women should not talk to men too pleasantly to create a misunderstanding.
(Women should) not be too complacent of speech, lest one in whose heart is a disease

should be moved with desire: but speak ye a speech (that is) just. (Quran 33:32)
Women should not talk seductively, complaisantly or pleasingly. They, when talking to non-
Mahram men should be straight forward and brief.


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