Have You Ever Told God your Problems?

Have you ever told God of your problems? Have you ever thought to sit down quietly somewhere, peacefully with a free mind and a free heart and to tell the One who created and controls the whole universe and dominion what your problems are? Not just telling Him your problems but having the firm conviction in him and HIs power knowing He is able to solve any problem. Remembering the stories of the Prophets, Looking back at the past and recollecting how he has helped us and answered our prayers before.

Our Prophet told us even if you need a shoe lace Ask God.

Never fear God is near!

Always willing to lend an ear.

So take the weight of your mind

and leave them with the one with Might.

With Blessings to you.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Ma’shallah, a great blog, how did you do the custom header? please tell me


  2. So true, sometimes we get so immersed in our problems and trying to find solutions that we forget to even tell Allah about it. Great reminder.

    I love the new theme you chose.


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