What advice would you give this Sis?

Shes married but not happily.. in the true sense. Husband and wife have lived for the most part of thier marriage separately. They have a daughter together. The husband has abused her maybe mentally or physically.

The wife lives speparately in her own flat and the husband picks up the girl every sunday or tries to. He is a born muslim she is a revert Muslim. He is pakistani asian and she is white revert.

The mother in law became a source of complication during their marriage when they all lived together.

They seem to want to try to work things out but dont seem to be doing anything about it. The husband refuses to accept advice  given to them.

The wife has also in the past asked him for a divorce (maybe in anger) but he refuses.

If this reminds you of you then I’m sorry but I j just wondered what peoples thoughts would be in regards to this matter.

I don’t know the husbands side of the story maybe he would say she is very difficult and opposed to change or sacrifice.


2 responses to this post.

  1. If they’re separated, then they might as well be divorced! If the husband refuses to get a divorce, then he needs to take some advice on how to make things work! The way I see it, separation is to see if divorce is really what you want to do, like a test drive, and if they prefer to not be together physically, then terminate the marriage, and go on your merry ways. They obviously don’t have a marriage. Are either spouses seeing other people at all? It certainly wouldn’t make anymore of a difference to the child either, she probably already feels like her parents are divorced


  2. I think I kind if agree with you. Thanks Ms Schmidt.


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