Feeling Annoyed

Basically because SOMEONE keeps adding me to his blog admin after i have told him numerous times I am not interested. it seens he is just interested in raising the stats of his own site rather than even promoting others ( I notice no blogroll on his site). I hope he removes me again without me having to ask admin again. If he doesnt I shall be reporting him and asking for his site to be closed down.

Islam is about not annoying people so please take note.

Ma salaams.


4 responses to this post.

  1. So you’re on his blogroll, and don’t want to be? if anything, it would bring you more readers, not the other way around, I would think. But I understand should you not want to be associated w/ some individuals


  2. No he keeps making me his admin, means i get all his moderation and stuff.


  3. sorry bro, i won’t do it again i promise


  4. may allah forgive me or punish me


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