Recipe for life

Just thinking that best way to live life is simply, dont chew more than we can handle, stay away from sins stick to halaal and trust Allah. Remember lifes short and the less weight we carry the easier the journey. Cut the excess baggage travel as lightly as possible.

The best way to lighten the way of the heart is to light it with the Love of Allah, His Messenger salallahu alaihi wasalam and Deen.

Don’t get hooked on Mitti (earth) take the benefit of what comes from the earth which included the people whose bodies are composed of the earth but love them only for the Sake of Allah.. so don’t get hooked on the things of Mitti (earth) coz the earth as we see is always down and pulls us down.

Like the Hot Air Ballon when it starts to drop, we throw out the sand bags to take us back up again. Thus Throw away all the Love of Dunyah from the Heart and fill with the love of ALlah.


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