My Condolences to Barak Obama

..because he isn’t going to be remembered for whathe achieved but failed to achieve. Im not into American politics but after all they hype the guy falls in to a cauldron of fire. His winning the election  is actually losing. His situations impossible to turn around.. forget in two terms even decades wont fix the damage.

His jobs going to be damage limitation for America.


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  1. Bro Maj, aren’t you being a little bit too pessimistic? He hasn’t even started his term yet?

    I am a Obama – fan and I really hope what you are predicting won’t come true.


  2. Im being very realistic. You have to remember politics is not exactly clean. This is probably targeted PR for America ” black man, son of a single mum becomes President.” America need it after all the bad press and the thing is the policy makers will still make thier poicies based on their targets but because a figure who has a muslim background and is clolured who appeals to more of the worlds population will make thier task easier.

    Hope you are well. Ma salams


  3. YOu have got to be the most look at things from the dark sided person I have EVER come accross. One think you need to stick to topics you knwo something about. YOu know next to nothing about American politics; you have said this much and when we talked about Obama you knew next to NOTHING about what he wanted to do or not do. So how can you know what he will do or wont do. YOU know little to nothing about how the american process works or about what he can and cant do.

    another thing wrong in your post is the word colored. That is VERY offensive to many African Americans. Know the history of a country before you talk about its future.
    and then another thing so what he was raised by a single mom, he was not the first president to go through this. so why would he be a Pr thing. anyway let me go becuase it is early in the morning and you just messed up my day….the one thing I am happy about is the fact YOU are not an american.


  4. Sorry in the UK the word black is considered offensive. The word Black board is banned in schools so we say “coloured” . No offence.

    Anyways time will tell he has alread appointed a Jew as on of his seniors.

    Time will tell.

    I am not dark sided I am a realist and I see with the eys of faith. Unfortunately the Media stains our eyes we actually dont see with our eyes but we see what we are fed by it. I persoanlly would never put my trust in a disbeliever. Ma salaams.


  5. Posted by smaira on November 11, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    so totally a PR stunt bush has become an elite member of ‘THE NEW WORLD ORDER’ obama,i believe, is just a pin up boy, poster boy, whatever type of boy he is,he’s unlikely to be ‘a man of power’ that privilege will be to…..


  6. @ Smaira I agree with you. Maybe his intentions are right but the USA is a 2 party democracy, I dont even see the choice of alternatives. You porobably have to be a Millionaire to probably even think about leading your country and when you don’t have that kind of money you end up working for the people who give you the “Donations”.

    DO you have a blog site?


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