Eye Opening

As Wr wb,

Was reading something to my kids yesterday which I found a nice reminder to myself. basically that whenever we spend money do it with the intention to please Allah. Even if we go shopping for food which is normally preceived as a worldly activit but if done to please Allah and to fulfil the responsibilities upon us then it becomes deen. Just simply by chainging the niyah. Even eating sleeping etc  if we do it to fulfil the rights of our bodies given to us by Allah then this too becomes deen.  Subhanallah.

(Spiritual Discourses: Mufti Taqi Uthmani)

Also something i read with my daughter which was in relation to her homework from madressa which I found quite eye opening was that if someone organises a wedding and he or she has 100 guests then all the sins which take place in that gathering will fall on them. For example if they organises music and dancing girls. But even more than that that if one of those guests then copy you when they organise their weddings in having music, dancing girls (sinful customs) then even the sin of all there will fall on the person who became the foundation of a sinful custom coming in to fruition. But even scarier than that is that the sins will continue to fall on the person even after his death and will be recorded in the book of deeds until the day of reckoning for any sinful activity that we became the fountain head of. May Allah save us from this. Ameen. (book heavenly Ornaments)


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  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Ma’shallah, nice post


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