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Meaningless Pointless Blog (about Love.)

Salams and good day..

I was just like browsing the net ( i tend to do a lot of that @ work too much free time .. I work in IT) well anyway I came accross this quote it said Love is a Drug.. so I thought to  myself what can I say in response to this..well.. lol this is what I came up with…

if Love is a Drug,

then you’re cocaine. told u it was a pointless blog.. but its funny how the world “love” evokes so many emotions within us.


A little message to the seekers and me..

Don’t expect acceptance or assurance or a pat on the back or even a compliment from anyone other than Allah.

This is coz we shouldn’t do anything but for the pleasure of Allah.

We don’t need acceptance from none but Allah.

comments, figures, or stats, praise shouldn’t be a motivating factor the reward of a little with sincerity is great in the eyes of Allah. sewing the seed was and is in our hands giving it life is in Allahs hands.. then if he choses its His choice if he wants to destroy it.

who are we.. nothing! Zero.

Can you Keep a Secret from God?

Can you Keep a Secret from Allah? Do we take God for  a fool? Na audobillah. (May Allah protect us from this)

“that Allah might test what is in your breasts and purge what is in your hearts. For Allah knoweth well the secrets of your hearts.’Al-Qur’an, 003.154 (Aal-E-Imran)

“With Him are the keys of the invisible. None but He knows them. And He knows what is in the land and the sea. Not a leaf falls, but he knows it, not a grain amid the darkness of the earth, nor anything green or withered but is recorded in a clear Book”. (Surah al-An’am, 6:59)

Everythings a blessing in this world,

Everythings a blessing in this world,

The Light of the day and the darkness of the night.

There is no Joy without pain.

why do i write this I hear you say,

no idea just the feeling I get this thought inside.

No one will ever understand the wonders of Gods way

It will forever leave us in bewilderment.

but one thing I will say is step into His Light to find your way.

Joseph  endured slavery and prison to become the chief of all.

Let God Lead you on your  way.

ma salams

Make your heart light by stepping into His Light.

Set Your Heart Free,

remove the chains and the shackles of this world,

Give your heart, body and soul to God.

Who can be better to look after you?

Do you see the sun in the sky?

Do you see the moon in the sky?

Who makes their light shine on you?

It is He Allah.

So why not step in to the light of the Creator of light?

Who can make your face, your heart, your life  shine brighter than light?

It is none but  the creator of Light.

There remains no darkness when we say His name,

There remains no cloud when we ask for His mercy.

There remains no doubt when we seek His protection.

He is the Giver Allah.

When we take his name He says:

My slave has remembered me.

What an honor to be it is to be remembered by Him.

“Ask of me “He says, “Call to me”, He says, ” I will answer your payer. This is my promise to you.  I don’t break my promise.”

Who says this? None, but our creator Allah.

The Majestic, The Beautiful, The supreme.

Thus make your heart feel beautiful by remembering the Most Beautiful,

Make your heart feel joyous by remembering HIs favours upon you.

Make your heart light by stepping into His Light.

La ilaha illallah.

I dont care if God kicks me beats me or throws me.


wANTED TO WRITE SOMETHING TODAY AND didn’t want to write as well. SOmetimes your not sure what to wrote what to blog about. sometimes you wonder how much of your life and your feelings must you share with the rest of the world?

I read something today about inspirations and I thought to myself what is an inspiration? The conclusion  I reached was something or thought that comes to your heart and stays for a while is an inspiration as opposed to a passing thought or an idea in the head which you may or may not entertain. This reminds me of something I read about “Ruhani Mehman” spiritual guests in the heart. The thought or inspiration to carry out something good and virtuous.. these should be carried out and entertained ASAP as these are from god as opposed to evil temptings which must not be and can be got rid of by remembering Allah, seeking refuge from Allah etc.

anyways .. now that Im here I might as well write something, but then again I already have.. maybe I should think of some poetic verses or find a nice article to post or type something ISlamic which i remembered. One thing I do remember reading from a few days ago is that sometimes we especially miss the point of spiritual poems written by the Lovers of God. They are not merely to entertain the soul but to help one imbue the Love of God in oneself. These should be read with Love of God in the heart and we should remember always these are in no way replacements or better than reading the words of God, or Hadith, but merely a sort of chutney to help enjoy the real food even more. Poems and verses can never be a replacement in gaining spiritual elevation gained thorogh obediance of the commands and obligations of God.

Anyways sometimes I wonder if i should stick to islamic topics as I realise here on wordpress the audience is spread and its not just Muslim. We have non muslims reading our blogs, thus if everythings Islamic they are probably going to switch off from it..right?

Anyways everyone out there love you all for the sake of God. And If you read this I hope God guides you and fills your heart with untold joys.

Ma salams.

I dont care if God kicks me beats me or throws me.
I don’t care how he treats me.
He can feed me or starve me.
he can clothe me or leave me bare.
As long as HE does it to me I don’t care.
You know why ?
Coz I know He loves me,
Whatever He does is full of care.

If He were to show us the love He has for us.. our hearts would burst with joy.
He cares more than we do, Ma salams

I know Im on a journey and I know I came to this world alone

I know Im on a journey and I know I came to this world alone

I know when I leave this world I shall leave alone.

All those who are beloved to me will be long gone or will leave me alone

Theres not much I will take from this world,

Only my actions will come on my back.

The prayers of those to whom  I have done good.

The curses of the ones to whome  I have done bad.

I know in this world Ive hurt some.

I in this world I’ve cried some.

I know in this world I have loved some

I know in this world I’ve been loved by some..

Theres nothing I can do to bring the past back,

The only thing I can do is hope for a better future past

I learn something new everyday

One thing I’ve learnt today is to just turn to The One.