To Keep a Blessing (Naimah)

To Keep a Blessing (Naimah)

Anyways what I really wanted to blog about before i was touched on tihs subject was that: My sheikh once told me if there is a blessing in life and we want to keep it inshallah the simplest way is to thank Allah for it. (Laqal Hamdu walakashukr Ya Allah) as whatever we thank Allah for He increases it.

Not Every gift is a Naimah (favour from Allah)

But just remember not every naimah is naimah forever what was good for us once could in the future be bad for us thus Allah may take it from us..His taking it away is also a blessing we thank Allah for and when He does that He (Subhanahu wa ta Ala) usually replaces it with better and peace of heart.He knows what we don’t know.

And if you read this You’re beautiful..As God doesn’t make things Imperfect. He perfects what he Does. Subhanallah.

Ma salaams


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