salams hope everyones well.

FOr those of you know me.. a little news..somewhat sad. My father in law passed away in India. He’d been ill for quite some time approximately 13 years or so..and I was given the news on early Thursday morning..sad part was breaking the news to the wife and her brother..not sure how you really go about telling it.

Anyways He was mashallah a beautiful person, full of patience, His name even translates to patience “Sabbir”  and I guess the reward for patience is nothing but Jannah.  We heard so many people attentedh is Funeral prayer approximately a thousand people. He had always been a popula person in his years of health..he used to help people financially etc..He was a bit of a joker made people laugh etc.

May Allah fill his grave with light and grant him eternal peace in paradise. Ameen. And may Allah give his wife and children patience.

Remember him in your duas Inshallah.


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