Allah (S.W.T.) said in surat Az-Zariat, (verse 55),
what can be translated as, “And remind (O Muhammad), for verily, thereminding benefits the believers.” We understand from this verse that reminding the believers, is one of the duties of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and also the duty of the Muslims. Also we understand from this verse, that
reminding will benefit the believers because they have Iman (faith) intheir hearts. And the amount of benefit of everyone according to the level of his Iman

It is said that we should keep on giving naseehah and
should not stop this action as we dont know when our words will have an effect.

Incident  1
It is related of a scholar movlana Shabbir Ali that he used to advise his friend to give up smoking. He must have told him one hundred times but he didn’t listen. Then on the occasion where he told him for the one hundred and first  time his friend gave up smoking.

Incident 2
A sheikh was in the toilet and he heard two men talking who were waiting outside. One of the men said he was advising his friend to offer salaah but he was not listening so he gave up. The second man said to him ” wah, he remains steadfast on his sin but you have given up on remininding him i.e. on your virtue. You should not have done this. This was a good thing that you were reminding him and you should have kept up with it.”
The sheikh was very impressed by the words
of the second man on not giving up the naseehah/dawah

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