Affect of sins.

From the sayings of Sheikh Abraraul Haqq Saheb Damatat Barakatatuhum. May Allah increase his Ilm and Hilm and enable us to gain from it.

If in a cars we fill the tank with petrol/ fuel but if in the fuel tank there is a small whole from which the petrol leaks on to the road, the car after a while will come to a halt.

In the same way a salik through the blessings of zikr finds and walks the path to Allah but the tank of nur in the heart is pierced by shaitan and nafs through involvment of the sins of the eyes, ears, and tongue and empties it; thereby halting the progress made by the Saalik (seeker). Thus we should make true taubah of all our sinful habits/ activities especially of bad nazri ( looking at forbidden), of bad thoughts entertained by one (gandhay khiyalaat), of gheebat and bad suspicions of people. Many people in this day are involved in these sins. We should take the advices of our pious elders and sheikhs in how to free ourselves of these habits then Inshallah we will accomplish our path to Allah.

One sheikh says if a person who falls picks himself up and starts again he will reach his destination where as a person if he falls does not try to get up will not reach his destination; thereby will remain deprived.


Jalim abhi hai fursat taubah na dehr kar….wo bhee girah nahee jo ghira phir sambhal giyah

Transgressor, you still have time so do not delay your taubah,

He has not fallen who falls and picks himself back up.


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  1. put this post in my website please.


  2. What a wonderful analogy! And a great reminder…


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