“Hurun Maqsuratun fil khiyaam”

I was reading earlier today that the quality of the women n Junnah is that they would remain hidden inside thier homes way from peoples eyes. Subhanallah.

So lucky are those men whose wives stay indoors and don’t venture out. And Lucky re those women whose qualities match that of the women if jannah…i.e those who stay at home without the genuine need to venture outside.

When I read this it was part of a lecture explaining how men should be patient with the temperament of thier wives and some women do have a tendency to talk a lot and nag alot. but men should be patient with that. And sometimes just looking at the mere virtue that our wives stay home, don’t do nothing bad, etc is such a great blessing of Allah that it should help us overlook the faults in our wives. Ive learnt in life that the best thing to say when your wife upsets you r is anry at you etc..or even rude is Absoloutley Nothing. Just stay quite be patient and you’ll soon realise she loves you. Its just the way she is. However if there is any ladies  out there reading this please don’t take it as a green light to do your mans head in.. a mans even luckier is she is quiet and like really peaceful. Mashallah


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  1. the quality of the women n Junnah is that they would remain hidden inside thier homes way from peoples eyes.

    HUMMM, You know when I read things like that I really wonder. I mean I look at all the Phrophets wives and NONE of them just stayed at home. These are the women we are suppose to be like. These are the women we should look up to. These are some of the best of women. And if you look at the list of the best, Kadijah, Fatimah, aieshia, Not one of them where a stay at home type of women.
    These women faught in wars, were great teachers, taught ISlam, lead prayers, went to the mosque OFTEN. They helped people, fed the poor and were good wives and mothers. Women have a huge role in the world and in society and that is NOT limited to only being a wife and mother and stay at home wife. There is NOTHING wrong with that however, women do not cause trouble just because they walk out the door of their homes as some books would make you think. We do and can do wonderful things in the world and still be GOOD strong MUslimahs

    There is so much good a woman can OUTSIDE of the home as well as inside. There needs to be a balance IMHO.


  2. Posted by Redwan Ahmed on October 12, 2008 at 11:38 am

    put this post in my website. JazakAllah


  3. I agree with livinglifeandlovinit.

    Women tend to be more temperamental than men, that is just the way we are. Men are supposedly the “calmer” gender. But I think in general that when a wife is in a difficult mood, the husband must learn to be the patient one, and then the husband is difficult, the wife must be patient. In the end the two must work together to maintain a balance in their marriage.


  4. Very true @ solace like an elder explained about the teeth and tongue if both were hard the mouth wouldn’t function and if both were soft the mouth would also not function. Thus best way is when ones hard the other should be soft nd visa versa.

    @ Living I agree with you but the natural temperment of a woman is to be a home maker but society today has changed the role of a woman in the name of equality where shes been made to take on the responsibility of the husband in earning money etc. Its a kind of injustice to the woman and remember its man mde laws of equality etc to again take advantage of females.

    But I will just say agin these are the qulitiesof the Hurs of Jannah and lucky are those mens whose wives are like that: Stay indoors hidden from the outside world and ae obedient towards their husbnds.


  5. I think you missed the point of my comment. NONE of the women I mentioned Worked outside the home, however they did many great things for Islam. OUTSIDE of being a wife and or mother. These women were the mothers of Islam. They were out and about doing EVERYTHINg these women are our examples as good Muslim women. So if we are suppose to be like these women and NONE of them stayed indoors and they definately were NOT hidden from the world then There must be NOTHING wrong with it.


  6. yes sorry.. I understand now. They even took part in jihad and stuff. I wonder how many of us including men would have answered the call for jihad if we had been around at the prophets time. The Sahabah Radhiallahu anhum were indeed very special and selected by Allah.

    Hope your doing well.


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  8. IMHO, being kept indoors or outdoors is out of the question. All that matters is being able to abstain ourselves from committing sins, followed by trying to live the life as a devout Muslima. Someone could be a stay-at-home wife, yet commit acts condemned by Allah S.W.T. and vice versa. Bottom line is, it’s up to the individual.

    The Mars versus Venus issue. I always thought that it’s better to let the other party to vent all the frustrations. Afterwards, once everything is calm, try to figure out a compromising situation.


  9. Nice thoughts Hajar…

    I always think the role of the husband entails three things..look after the wife, physically, emotionally and spiritually…

    @ living segregation of the sexes is important as these days any kind of mingling can lead to fitnah…got to be careful.

    Ma salams


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