As Wr Wb.

was reading a book yesterday and it explined how important it is for the lecturer to deliver the message properly. It gave an example of how a speaker delivered a lecture in a village about how there is no fast without intention and he told them the words of the intention. The truth is an intention can be made in the heart without the need for it to be said verbally. The next day the speaker was walking through the village when he saw the Chaudry Saheb smoking his Hukka gleefully during the ramadhan. The speaker said to him aren’t you ashmed this is ramadhan and your not fasting, The village man replied “molvi Ji” don’t be angry it was you who said there is no fast without intention (niyah) and I can not remember the words you taught thus I thought to myself if I can’t fast today then I may as well enjoy My Hukkah. (lol)

Although its  a funny story it goes to explain how important it is that if we tell someone something or give religious advice we should have the knowledge and tell it properly otherwise it will have the adverse affect and turn people away from good actions. Some speakers give the impression to thier listeners that they are big sinners and their salah, fsting, zakah, haj etc count for nothing as their useless in subtance thus the peple give up doing them because they think whats the point if my actions are useless. The truth is our deeds may not be worth of acceptance, but Allah is mercful so we ask him to overlook the weaknesses and accept them.

I read the story of a person who saw his religious teacheer in a dream and ask him how he did in the hereafter. His teacher told him in the dream that once he came home and ate rice, however the salt was not  right in the rice but he thought to himself this is the blessing of Allah and ate it without complaint. He said Allah liked that action of his and because of that forgave him. Subhanllah. So none of us should become despondent of Allahs mercy also and carry on with our life and actions despite our weaknesses and faltering. We are weak and Allah knows is. But he is infinitely merciful..

Hope everyones good.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Salam,

    Masha’allah, a great article.

    Your Brother
    Redwan Ahmed


  2. Salam,

    You forgot to write I on the your post.

    Your Brother
    Redwan Ahmed


  3. jazakallah


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