What Does God Love Most?

What does God Love Most?

Any ideas?


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  1. Posted by Umm Uthaymeen on September 26, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    The most beloved place to Allah is the masjid. The most beloved type of food is one that has been touched with many hands (shared). The most beloved deeds are the ones that are continuous. here is just some that i know, i posted it awhile back on my blog… Salamalaykum


  2. subhnallah that’s beautiful I hope i find it on your blog.


  3. But I don’t know where your Blog is. Inshallah you can help with the link.


  4. ASA,
    I had an answer but someone posted my answers. 🙂 So I looked for somethings I didnt know off the top of my head and this is what I found.

    Allah loves Muhsineen [Those who do good (to others); who spend (benevolently) in the cause of Allah (2:195)

    who establish As-Salaat [remembering Him (20:14, 62:9) all the time (70:23) and at appointed times (4:103, 62:9), and follow His Guidance in all the affairs] and keep the resources, that He has bestowed upon them, open [for the welfare of humanity]. (2:177, 9:44, 39:33, 92:17-20) [31:3-4]; who are the believing servants of Allah [37:110-111, 37:121-122, 37:131-132]; who sleep but little at night (reflecting on His Commands and on ways to implement His Commands)
    Allah loves Tawwabeen [2:222][Those who turn to rightfulness and recourse much to Him and His Guidance]

    Allah loves Mutahhareen [2:222, 9:108] [Those who keep their bodies free from filth, minds distant from dirty thoughts and conduct clean from unseemly acts
    Allah loves Mutawakkileen [3:159] [Those who put their trust in Allah and His Laws after seeking His Guidance, deliberation, consultation, decision making, resolution and determination]


  5. Subhanallah living life I need to write these down somewhere and constantly remind myself of them. Jazakallah loads

    Anthing that makes us Allahs beloved is defintely worth aspiring to achieve.

    Allah loves the Sabireen too and the truthful. Those who put others before them.


  6. Posted by Umm Uthaymeen on September 29, 2008 at 1:18 am

    oh my blog is > ummuthaymeen.wordpress.com <


  7. Posted by philia on May 3, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    I love Sourat Alaser….Ina Insana Lafi Khuser.. Ila Altheen Amanou wa Tawasu Bi Alhaq wa Tawasu Bi Saber..
    i think the most beloved deeds to Allahu is doing goodness to others Uncondionally..
    holding unconditional love and doing goodness to everything existant that we might encounter that is a true proof of Divine Love.


  8. Jazakallah for all your comments Philia and your right.. the one that does the greatest good to others must be the dearest to Allah.

    And I suppose that’s why the Prophets were the best, they dedicated themselves to showing humanity a better way to the success of both world


  9. Posted by Ishi on May 7, 2009 at 10:26 am

    Like a mother for whom her children are the most lovable thing in the world….. God created everything thats why For the Creater everything he love the most….. but he made us(human) like he is ……so he love us the most…..


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