As Wr Wb

As wr wb

Been sick and offline a dy or so..nice to come back here and check whats hppening. Alhumdulillah.

I noticed the sinful bog got a few comments and loving life reminded me of something else which i read before that if we humans did not commit sins then Allah would create a nation who would commit sins and then repent so that HE could show his mercy and forgiveness.

One more thing I remembered after reading an email was and this is part of a hadith in Abu Dawuud which is that if we make dua for a person in their absence Allah creates an angel who then makes the same dua for us..Subhanallah. Now like someone explained if Allah is creating the angel, and Allah then is making it make the same dua for us then bearing in mind angels are innocent and sinless the dua is sure to be accepted.

Not long now till the end of ramadhan may Allah help us to gain in the next few days. The only thing a person will regret after entering Jannah will be the time he spent without the remembrance of Allah in the worldy life.

ma salams


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