Havva (Alayhis salaam), The Mother (Eve, Adams wife)

Havva (Alayhis salaam), The Mother (Eve, Adams wife)

She is wife of the first messenger of Allah and mother of all human beings. Allah Almighty created her from the left rib of Adam out of his omnipotence and brought them together in wedlock. He gave them a dwelling in the garden and forbade them to eat the fruit of tree. But they were misled by satan who caused them to deflect d they ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, which led to her expulsion from the Garden to earth.

She was separated from Adam and was made to land somewhere very far from where Adam had landed. She wept over her wrong doing and showed repentance. Years of lamenting and wiling brought fruit. Allah relented towards them and brought them together again. They became partners of numerous children with the passage of time.


Havva (Eve) confessed her mistake and was remorseful. But there are many who never give in and some of them doing sinful acts openly and continue the same through out their lives. Notably the backbiting and observing unislamic customs becomes part of their life. That is not the right way. If a mistake is done, the best is to withdraw from it immediately and be penitent.


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