A ramble on life: Optimism


a few days ago i was reading one thing that helps make sabr is remembering life is short. I thought about finding an article on it or hadith, quote etc.. Not sure i really succeeded..

Anyways was reading something earlier on a blog “Attitudes to adopt on bad days.” etc well one of the first one was to remember its short lived. This reminded me of the story about the King (I think) who had or was given a ring with the words described on it : “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”.  Thus whenever he was perplexed, stressed etd he would look at his ring and take comfort. So i posted my little comment @ above.

Anyways after that I thought to myslef  “Maj we are told life is short..very short although it appears long to us,, thus even if a problem or worry endures for a period of time, in reality its nothing and not worth getting to stressed over and remembering No matter how big a sinner you are..Allah Says ” Don’t despairs of my Mercy” and He says “Don’t despair of my forgiveness.”. So like don’t get stuck in a heap of stress be optimistic and ask for ALlahs grace and Goodness.

This reminds me of somethng..contemplate Gods Grace.. A prison is full of rapists, murderers, paedophiles, drug pushers, thieves, etc.. God even feeds, clothes and houses them. Subhanallah. And if they were to bring Shahadah in the prison..God would forgive them and elevate them in there too.

Ma salams.


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  1. I was just saying the same thing to a person not that long ago. They are going through a rough patch and I said that many times when we go through things it seems like it is forever but in reality it is such a short time. Even if we have a crisis that lasts a year or more to us that seem like a long time to “suffer” but if we think about how short our time here on earth is compared to our next life we will see it is such a short time and any hardship we suffer now is worth the trial because of the blessing we will get for it ,inshaallah, later. And the thing to remember like you said is what ever it is it will pass……


  2. True sis Subhanallah and its better we py four our sins in this world ..God Loves us He only wishes good for us its just we dont understand His wisdom.

    I remember reading hadith to the nearest of which I remember it goes like ” There will be a person whom Allah wil ask on the day of judgement bout his life, He will tellGod all his difficulties anxieties problems, he will have had a life of suffering. Allah wil lthen sk the angels to take the man and just take him to Jannah just for a moment which they will do. When he comes back Allah will again ask him about his lif and afflictions..The man will say ..”What afflictions?” .basically one moment in jannah will be enough for him to forget all the problems of this world.

    This is the month of Ramadhan, May Allah through his fadhl, grant me, you our families, friends, dearests and all the muslims Jannah and save us from the punishment in hell. Ameen.

    And Allah says whoever adopts piety I will seek a way out for him from every problem.

    ma salams


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