Discussion: Isn’t it Sad?

Not sure what people think out there but isn’t it really sad the number of blogs out there and posts everyday dedicated to defaming and degrading Islam.

I would have thought peple might have better things to do than blog bad thinngs about a religion they know nothing about. its like thier own little “Jihad” thats going to gain them their heaven.

its depressing, but on a happier note we know from experience that whenever we give something publicity, even  negative it Highlights and Promotes it.  Makes people more inquisitive as most readers out there are intelligent individuals who don’t buy in to biased propaganda


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  1. You can thank the media and the few extremists for that! It is sad to see how close minded people are. I’ve even argued with a war vet who was close minded because of his experience in war. I tried to tell him the whole middle east isn’t that way, and had he been there under different circumstances, he’s feel differently, but people are SO stubborn! Come to think of it, how many good stories do you hear about the middle east or muslims in the news?


  2. its like theres a mission out there to totally make people believe islam is something evil. The strange thing is muslims are probably some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

    Do you remember Yvonne Ridley a British journalist taken as hostage by the Taleban in Afghanistan. On her return to the UK she converted to Islam; She had been impressed by the morals and character of her hostahe takers.


  3. What’s sadder is the number of Muslim bloggers who sound more like what you would expect from the kufar than from a Muslim.


  4. @maji6 – Since when do kidnappers have morals??? I have never heard of that story, but I’m curious now!


  5. @ Umm adam well thats sad too but atleast we don’t tend to go about making fun of other scriptures etc..making cartoons of Jesus or Moses etc.. Theres a line between intellectual debate and foul mouthing.


  6. @ Christina : I think you can read her Biography here http://www.yvonneridley.org/


  7. Salam,
    Even though there are missions and other activities to make people believe Islam is evil and spread Islamophobia, Yvonne Ridley is more than enough to prove that Allah has planned better than these close minded and anti-Islamic people. So why do we worry? I believe Islam is the fastest growing religion today, even with so much of anti-islamic programs with the help of media, politics and everything.


  8. I have given up on Islamophobists. They are generally unwilling to listen to any other opinion anyway — and God forbid, one that would tell them they’re mistaken! — and write their little racist blogs for their little racist friends to read, and go home with the sentiment they’ve had a fruitful day.
    I generally – not always; but generally ignore them, or delete their comments when I get negative ones I don’t feel like responding to…
    Words don’t stick anyway!


  9. True that but i just found the amound of hate going on depressing. But thats part of being on the truth. The people of truth were always sent trils like these, the prophets were always persecuted..called Mad men, etc.

    Thus I gess we should in a way be happy just proves were on the ight and atleast we don’t as muslims go around insulting people of other faiths..atlest I hope we don’t do that.

    Ma salams bro n jazkallah 4 the comment.


  10. @ Najeb true we shouldn’t worry coz Allah is Hakim in the end and our deen is to spread to all the 4 corners of this world..may Allah use us in this.

    Ma salams.

    Like one elder said once to remove darkness, no point in getting a stick and beating it; its as simple as bringing the light…when the Light comes darkness fades automatically. Subhanallah.


  11. Posted by manu on January 5, 2009 at 6:40 pm


    To muslims this world is a trial. I Hadith its said that “To a true muslim this world is like a jail “.


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