Allahs (Gods) love for his Slaves.

Allahs love for his Slaves.

There was once an idol worhipper who for 90 years had worshipped n idol calling it by “Sanam, Sanam.” One day accidentally the words “Samed, Samed” (The Indpendent) came from his mouth. Immediately a voice came from the unseen “I am present my slave.” Hearing the voice he began to cry, picked up the idol from its place and threw it saying.. “Imbocile, I called you for 90 years and not once did you respond to me, may sacrifices go to that Lord from whom I had turned away for 90 years and just by calling him once accidentally HE immediately turns to me.”

People, If God turns his attention to an idol worshipper of 90 years who calls on Him accidentally, so what do you think that He would not respond to the call of Muslims? If the muslim really wants to please his Lord then certainly He will turn to his slave. Just make the firm effort to turn to Him.

Turn to Me, Turn to Me whatever you are turn,

Even if you’re a disbeliever or idol worshipper, turn to Me,

Our house is not one of despondency,

Even if you break your repentance 100 times,

Even then turn to me.

Laut tu Laut tu jo bhee kuch hai, laut.

Agar Kafir aur tash Parast aur bhut parast hai

Tau be hamari tarf laut.

Ye hamar darbar Na ummeedi k darbar nahee hai,

Agar sau (100) bar tu nay taubah Tori hai to bhi hamari taraf ruju kar.


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