TheTrue Lover.

TheTrue Lover.

There was once an elder who at the time of tahajjud (night prayer) heard a voice saying “Do whatever but nothing is accepted here.” The voice was so loud even his servant (khadim) heard the voice. But he was such a Lover that he did wudhu again and started his Tahajjud prayers again. The following day he again woke up for tahajjud. His servant said to him “ Respected elder, if HE is not paying you attention and is not accepting anything from you then why do you go to so much trouble, why not just stay asleep and rest?” The elder became overwhelmed and weeping said, “Son, I can leave Him but tell me is there any fear other than His worthy for me fear? It’s clear that there is no one even a little worthy of fearing than Him (God’s) thus I will give up my life on His fear. Whether or not He accepts me.”

On those words the God’s Mercy came and a voice was heard again saying:

“Accepted is all from you as there is no other place of sanctuary for you other than with Us.”

Source Ashraful Hikayat.


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