What we all forget..Muslims, Christians, Jews, …others

few thoughts came to my ind just now fter pondering some blogs i read and replied to today:

Basically that whet we all tend to forget is that we are all from the same God and in the end we are all brothers and sisters in humanity and all of us are the “Grand Children” of Adam peace be upon him. Just imagine how saddened he must be to see his progeny split up in to differing sects and how distressed he would be if he knows how much hatred and malice there is in the world just because someones religion is different or because someones skin colour or features are different from their own. Underneath our outward featues we all look the same and we all have a common soul which comes from God.

Thus may we take from Gods light and learn to be tolerant of each other and try to understand each other and try to live in peaceful harmony. Ok we can’t solve the prejudices of this world as a whole but we can individually  be loving and tolerant towards our neighbours, freinds and compatriots in our every day life. Why walk past and taunt at someone just becuse his different why not give them a heart warming smile instead. God is merciful and He loves those who show mercy. This is what religion teaches us.

Pennies make a pound…our own indvidual effort counts.

Just my thoughts..

May God guide us all.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I realise this more and more each day. We all believe more or less the same, we just have different ways of practising our religions.


  2. Truly said solace.. All the main stream religions are very similar with the same beliefs after all they all (Prophets)used to come with the same message..Belive in one God and you will be successful.


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