So What if Barack Obama is a Muslim???

Why Does Religion Play in Important Part in American Politics? Why would a persons faith affect the vote. I thought America was a secular society accepting of people of all faiths. Isn’t that what American prinicples stand for?

I wrote this after seeing many blogs where Barak Obama said his faith was muslim and thereafter Christian. I don’t think faith matters but the ideals of the person matter. If he was a Muslim maybe he’d be the ideal person to build some peaceful bridges between America and some of its enemies?

God Knows best.


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  1. I totally agree. It shouldn’t matter if he was Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. People should not make judgments about an individual based on his/her religious affiliation in the same way that they shouldn’t judge him/her based on skin color.

    Also, the fact that Obama has experience in the Muslim world is actually a GOOD thing. I don’t understand how many people don’t get that. He can establish much better and peaceful relations with the Muslim world than McCain ever can.

    I was pleased to see Obama defend Muslims when “The New Yorker” released that incredibly insulting cartoon cover. He mentioned that it was not only distasteful, but also insulting to Muslim-Americans. There are some other clips where Obama says, “we are not a Christian nation. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation.”

    I just hope he gets elected. He’s not perfect, but he’s the best candidate for the Muslim community right now. There are some people in this country who would rather vote for McCain just because Obama is African-American and also because they think he’s a “secret Muslim.”

    *shakes head*


  2. I believe the main reason is because people are ignorant of what they don’t understand, and because the media portrays Muslims in mostly a negative manner, people believe the worst. I also think that because Islam is just a VERY different way of life compared to your everyday American, which include Atheists, Christians, and Jews. People see Muslims as bigomists, having up to 4 wives, the men as oppressors of women, and sadly, FAR too many people are under the impression Muslims are ALL terrorists, and that’s just not the case! I’m assuming their religious background speaks for their values, or so people believe. Barack only spent so much time in Indonesia, he moved to the US when he was 10 or 11, still a child, and able to really soak in his surroundings after moving back to the US. It’s just silly to make a big deal about it. He says he’s a Christian now, if he was Muslim, a devout one, we’d SURELY see him at a mosque! I’m personally a Republican, HOVEVER, once I really analyze the issues and my preferences, I’ll vote for who I think will benefit the USA!


  3. @ Broken Mystic I totally agree with you it would good to have someone who understands both sides of the fence and is sensitive to the emotions on all sides of the borders.

    @ Christina I agree with you too People have a misconception of muslims and the medi portrayal is very negative Eg about the 4 wives issue its something allowed in Islam under strict circumstances namely one being the first wife should agree, its not forced upon any woman. Muslims dont oppress women rather they like to protect the women. A lot of ills in society is due to the free mixing of men and women which leads to home breaking relationships. Islam and God seeks to prevent this.

    If Barak Obame has grown up in the states then he more likely to be American than anything else. People become like their surroundings and company they keep.

    I read somewhere that God appoints leaders and they usually reflect the people of the nation thus at the end of it the one whos elected will be reflective of the American people and thier values.


  4. Posted by xman on September 9, 2008 at 1:03 am

    Barack Hussein Obama has a Muslim father. What does Islamic law say about whether or not Obama is a Muslim?


  5. A muslim is anyone who believes that

    1. There is only one God without partners sons or fathers
    2 Beliefs in Angels
    3 Believes in all the revealed books including the psalms, Taurah, Bible, Quran
    4 Believes in all Prophets from Adam to Muhammad, including Jesus, Moses, etc Peace be upon them all
    5 Believes in The Day of Judgment
    6 Destiny; that all good and bad is from God,and
    7 Life after death (heaven and hell).

    Having a muslim father or not doesn’t make you muslim you its the inviduals beliefs. If he believes Jesus is God and the son of God then he is a Christian.


  6. Great response to “xman” Maj’ness 🙂

    For some reason, there are people out there who *want* to believe Obama is a Muslim because they think that will score them more points in their anti-Islamic agenda. Because even if Obama is “technically” a Muslim, they think the American people should be afraid of that, which is absolutely absurd.


  7. Sad isn’yt it. I mean when a muslim person walks down the street does it really strike terror in the hearts of the people who see him?

    Yes there are these fundamentalists/ freedom fighters whatever you want to call them but at the same time whe whole world has to responsibility or breeding them, not just the muslims, because these people are protesting violently to whats happened. No one just goes about killing for fun..(unless its a mentally insane person).


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