Self Treatment

just had this thought we cant change the world but we change ourselves. We cant control what people do around us but we can control what we do.

Change takes place over time, wounds take time to heal. sadness is and will be replaced by joys and joys too turn to sadness.

The best keep to keep with you is forgiveness, forgive those who wrong you, wish them peace do good to them.

To make peace with the world first you need to make peace with yourself and God until a persons at peace within themselves they wont really be able to spread love and peace.

Never Give up or Lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Remember life is short we will be here today and gone tommorrow.

God Loves You


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  1. so i have a ? Do you consider God and Allah to be the same person? If not, who is God to you, and how does he rank in regards to Allah? I was just curious.


  2. God and Allah is the same.

    In Arabic the root word of Allah is ilah, ilah means diety.

    Hence God is Al Ilah – The diety..spelt and pronounced Al-lah.

    God / Allah is my Creator and your Creator.

    Hope that clears it up a little.


  3. (in reference to Rachel’s question) Now, Muhammed is different, though, along the same lines as Jesus, but still different, but in what respects specifically, different time I think too, than Jesus.

    (I digress, sorry) Does the Koran address honor killings? Does it state that if you choose to leave the Muslim faith, that you are subject to death? These are just things I’ve been told, and assumed it was just the arab nations that allowed that, but was curious! Oh, and you’re interesting, so I’m adding you to my blogroll!


  4. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. You inspire me to share a few of my own.
    I would be crushed and without hope if God did not love me.
    Personally, I must rely on Him to open my eyes to the need for change in my life.
    I could not change without His power or without His mercy. Forgiveness opens the door to peace within and peace with out.
    Healing takes place after forgiveness.
    Thank you again.


  5. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I want to add people too but all it gives me is the option to remove??

    Honour Killings : Murder. A person who kills a person is like a person who has killed mankind. Taking the law into ones own hands bring anarchy. Even for people who commit adultery Gods tells us in The Quran if they repent He is Forgiving, Merciful. Even to prove adultery hs been made very difficult as it needs 5 eye witnesses to the act. Anger is a human trait Im sure we would get angry if we realised our partner is cheating on us but to act on the anger is in our control and people who act in anger are probably following the devil.

    Muhammad was but a Human and we believe the final messenger just like Adam, Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Abraham, Zchariah, John, Moses, etc and we belive he was given the last and final revelation the Quran which confirms and clarifys the message brought by all previous prophets. A person cant be a Muslim if he rejects any of the Prophets and their revelations including the Torah, Gospel (Bible), The Psalms, etc.

    The Quran exlts Jesus Peace be Upon Hin, Jesus Son of Mary is infact mentioned more times in the Quran than Muhmmad Peace be upon them. There is a whole chapter of the Quran Surah Maryam (Mary) Peace be Upon Her.

    We also belive in the second coming of Jesus and his duty will primarily to kill the anti christ. The Anti christ will have similar parallels to Jesus in that he will perform mircles: make it rain, bring people back to life, promise heaven and hell, etc but the the people of faith will realise he is an imposter and he does this with the permission of God. And when Jesus Descends again his powers will diminish and he will be killed in Palestine by Jesus. Thereafter will appear Gog and Magog who will cause havoc on the earth. Jesus will pray and Gog and Magog will die from a disease. Thereafter there will be Peace in the world and people will follow the Faith Jesus follows.

    Anyways Im goin going on too Long. But Muhammad was after Jesus.
    About the people who leave the religion of Islam I don’t know anyone or have heard of anyone being killed for this. In this day and age its even a miracle that people do still believe in a God.


  6. @ Candress, Your Most welcome. Its how I try help and heal myself. Most of all have to keep reminding ourselves God Loves us, even more than our mothers..after all it is He who put the love in her heart in the first place. And if we think of all the love in the world between humans, Animals, birds etc.. and all this love just makes up an atom of Gods Love.

    Like God tells us Never Despair of my Mercy. Just takes a few tears to God.

    Wishing You Peace.



  7. […] Lemuel Calhoon wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptTo make peace with the world first you need to make peace with yourself and God until a persons at peace within themselves they wont really be able to spread love and peace. Never Give up or Lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. … […]


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