No One Will Read this Blog, but Are we scared to look at other religions?

No One will read this blog but incase someone does..basically its just a discussion..

Are we scared to Look at other religions? I read something about someones boyfriend being Bahai and she was scared to ask him about it for fear of offending. I visited some christians blogs and didn’t notice any blog on another religion on thier blog rolls and visa versa.

Thus  my question is Are we scared by other religions of what the truths that may or not be within them?


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  1. I’m not scared. Guess I just never thought about it very much to be honest. 🙂


  2. Why Not?


  3. I don’t think its all about fear. Some of it has to do with preferences, whether we consciously apply our preferences or not. I would admit that my blogroll is primarily Christian people largely because that is the demographic of people that I best understand and communicate with.


  4. I’m not scared at all.

    I find other religions/cultures to be fascinating – and studied world religions in college. Even though we might not agree on “salvation” or “purpose” or “God,” we do agree on the human spirit – on what it means to be human – on the human experience.

    We can all learn from other views of humanity.

    True that..I guess the common factor in most humans is a need to have a belief in God..thats our nature..and most of us want to be good human beings.

    Question as im new to wordpress how do I stop comment modertion?


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