Chief to All

  • Nourishment of the heart is the remembrace of God
  • Shame is to always fear punishment for sins already commited
  • Man speaks to God because of Love. He remains silent because of shame and he becomes restless due to fear of God
  • Fear of God is to prevent the body from the polltion of sins and the soul from futile talk and to be constant in the contemplation of God the Exalted
  • Refraining the eyes and mind from indulgence in prohibited things is also contemplation of God.
  • Trust in God is not to have any expectation regarding anyone; to repose all trust on God only and to remain obedient to God.
  • Divine Love is that the heart is diverted away from all worldly relationships and to be imbued with the Love of God and the love of his friends.
  • HE who fears God turns to God  on the contrary one who fears worldy objects flees from them.
  • A contented person experieces greater comfort than all the people of the world. He is chief to all.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I completely agree with them all except for the seventh. Divine love is a heart that is deverted towards worldly relationships for the purpose of showing them the love of God so that they can come out of darkness into light. What does it profit us to only love those that love and believe just as we do? We are called to do so much more. 🙂


  2. BTW….I thought you said no one would read this blog!!! 🙂 I do. Everyday, now that I found you.


  3. Thats so sweet @ rachel of you Im kinda new here but I like it.

    And I agree with you as well..and I suppose God is a friend to everyone who wants to be his friend. If we walk towrds God a he runs towrds us.

    How do I add other people blogs to my blogroll so that there blogs show up onmin too..e.g. yours?


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