Peace of Mind

I was reading the other day most of our unrest of the mind comes from our wishes and dreams being unfulfilled and because we place trust on people to behave in the way we want them to behave. This is the cause of all distress. Trust should be placed on God alone  and we need to remember He is Creator and Master of all things and conditions. No one  is able to control him, we can not impose our wishes and desires on Him but rather his wish and desire is imposed upon us. He controls the people and people will behave in the way he wishes towards us.

Thus we have to remember we can not impose upon Him.

When faced with a difficult situation of stress tell yourself this is the will of God.  Don’t expect instant remedies some medicines take time to work..some wont work at all..again be content with the will of GOD.

If anxiety has been caused be an action remedy the action and put things right then trust God.

Lifes too short don’t plan for tommorrow as we don’t even know whether we would live to see the sunset.

With Peace.


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