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Indeed, mankind was created anxious

19. إِنَّ الْإِنسَانَ خُلِقَ هَلُوعاً Indeed, mankind was created anxious – Inna al insana khuliqa halooAAa 20. إِذَا مَسَّهُ الشَّرُّ جَزُوعاً – When evil touches him, impatient – Itha massahu ashsharrujazooAAa 21. وَإِذَا مَسَّهُ الْخَيْرُ مَنُوعاً– And when good touches him, withholding [of it] – Wa-itha massahu alkhayru manooAAa

As wr wb… just read this ayah and a blog on ummyathmeens site its so true what Allah says, when things go wrong for us we cry and mope and like act liek the worlds come crashing down on us (which it may have) calamities do happen and when things go right for us we get carried away with it..

but defo we r impatient, its like we cant waot for our problems to get solved we cant wait for things to fall black in place we cant wait for our headaches and stresses to go. May Allah make us of the patient belivers.

May Allah make us content and like i guess we have things to be always thankful for in life eg Eman Alhumdulillah such a blessing from Allah. A person who has even an iota of Eman  will one day be taken out of the hell fire and be put in to Heaven subhanallah – And his heaven will be ten times bigger than the size of this world. A place of peace and tranquility where pople have no headaches or here vain talks and angels will be everywhere wishing them peace. Subhanallah. May Allah through his Grace grant us Jannatul Firdaus.

And May Allah grant us freedom from anxieties and troubles in the sme way he helped the Prophet Ayuub alayhis salams.

What is Love?

I just read a post about love somewhere, I replied and I thought ok this might help someone so i copying and pasting my comment back here.

Love is to die in the other person.
Love is to lose conciousness of the self
Love is to commit suicide soul suicide everyday for your Beloved.

(back to earth maj)

Love is something we learn in time. Don’t worry about working out what Love is. love itself will teach you what it is and Love itself will teach you its etiquettes.

If you were my beloved my goal would be to not even let a slight scratch appear on your gentle fragile crystal like soul nor to let a frown appear on your forehead.

For men its different. If men are ‘admired’ like a warrior and ‘pampered’ like a baby they feel loved and it inspires them to Love.

I guess the biggest rule in love in the end is to not break a heart who loves you : halal love not BF or GF in that case you have to kill them you. To not do anything that breaks the love, to not let your beloved ever regret loving (marrying) you.

And do Lots of it @ Love.. Dil khul kar muhabbat karo. Allah ke kazane me koi kami nahee.. The more you love the more Allah will let you Love and the more you love the more you win the hearts of people. Dont be a miser-able lover. No Bukhl in Love.

What Does God Love Most?

What does God Love Most?

Any ideas?

Words of Advice

1. Hadhrat Abu Sulaimaan Daaraaee (rahmatullah alayh) said:

Everything has its corrosion. Eating to the degree of satiation is the corrosion of the heart’s purity. Ihtilaam (nocturnal discharge of semen) is a punishment for filling the stomach.
A man who eats his stomach full suffers six calamities:

1) He does not experience pleasure in ibaadat.
2) His memory in remembering wisdom decreases.
3) He is unable to be affectionate to people.
4) Ibaadat is onerous on him.
5) His lust increases.
6) He is preoccupied with the toilet.

2. He said:
A man in whose heart is noor (spiritual light) is angered by nafsaani desires. That noor separates him from the world and inclines him to the Aakhirah.
Abandonment of ego is called Tawaadhu’ (humility). (As long as one thinks of oneself as being something, one lacks humility.) He who does not recognize his nafs does not understand the meaning of Tawaadhu’.
One who speaks without thinking always regrets.
Eating less, sleeping less and speaking less are the signs of a sincere taubah.
The Thikr of Allah effaces sins and His Ridhaa (being pleased with Him) severs vain hopes.

Anti depressant

Be Happy with Devinde decrees.

As wr wb

I read a story about a sheikh once who said he has neve been displeased ie nothing has happened to him against his wishes and he explained thus that whenever anything happens to him he tells himself this is my will too. Thus it makes acceptance of all decrees easy for him. The term for this is Ridhaa.

Allah Ta’ala says:

“Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him.”

Rasulullah (saws) said: “Of the good fortune of man is his pleasure with that which Allah has ordained for him.”

Ali (ra) said: Of the realization of the Majesty of Allah, and of knowledge of the right Allah (swt) has on His creation, is that when one is befallen with a calamity, one does not complain, does not even mention what has befallen him.

An ‘abd should feel ashamed to describe the pain, we are complaining about the Creator to the creation?

ibn Qays (a tabi’) said: I lost my eyesite 40 years ago, I have never told anyone.

an ulumah (didn’t get the name): “Whosoever complains about a calamity that has befallen him to other than Allah, such an individual would never find the sweetness of ta’aa (obedience to Allah (swt)) in the heart”

As Wr Wb

As wr wb

Been sick and offline a dy or so..nice to come back here and check whats hppening. Alhumdulillah.

I noticed the sinful bog got a few comments and loving life reminded me of something else which i read before that if we humans did not commit sins then Allah would create a nation who would commit sins and then repent so that HE could show his mercy and forgiveness.

One more thing I remembered after reading an email was and this is part of a hadith in Abu Dawuud which is that if we make dua for a person in their absence Allah creates an angel who then makes the same dua for us..Subhanallah. Now like someone explained if Allah is creating the angel, and Allah then is making it make the same dua for us then bearing in mind angels are innocent and sinless the dua is sure to be accepted.

Not long now till the end of ramadhan may Allah help us to gain in the next few days. The only thing a person will regret after entering Jannah will be the time he spent without the remembrance of Allah in the worldy life.

ma salams

Every person is indeed sinful

You must have heard a Hadith of Mishkât Sharîf. Allah Ta’aala has granted a great favour and procedure to his sinful servants on the tongue of Rasulullah Sallallâhu alaihi wasallam. Every person is indeed sinful. Mullâ Ali Qâri has explained that the word ‘khattâ’ used in the Hadith means ‘extremely sinful’. What is the cure for this? The cure is excessive Istighfaar and Taubah (seeking forgiveness and repenting). The cure matches the illness. Thus Rasulullah (Sallallâhu alaihi wasallam) said, “Every human sins excessively and the best of sinners are the repentant ones.” (Mishkât-al Masâbîh p.204.)

I saw the pulse of the universe drowning,
when I saw the temperament of my beloved disturbed.